Friday, March 19, 2010

Opening Day

Since last fall, when I arranged to hold a Tour de Bloc competition in the new gym, our main target has been to be ready for that comp. We are still on track for that.

We had hoped to be able to hold a preview this weekend, letting people come climb for a couple days to check out the gym, before closing down again to prepare for the comp. Unfortunately, as is the case with almost every construction project, there are a few things that have not been completed in time to have the preview weekend. The main reason is that our electrical contractor ran a couple weeks late on their work, and that has cascaded into delays in integrating the fire alarms into the landlord's system, and the installation of our DSL connection, which we need to support credit card processing. There are a number of other things we ourselves still need to do, and the week or so before the comp will give us the time to put the finishing touches on what is starting to look like a pretty fine gym (and I do say so myself!). Our inspections, while not yet complete, are proceeding well, and we're taking care of the minor deficiencies that have been noted. I'm confident there are no big obstacles to being ready for the comp.

Last I heard, we already had 150 competitors signed up, with more than a week left to go, so I think we are on target to have the 200 we are looking for. There will be great bouldering problems (as is always the case at a Tour de Bloc event!), some very interesting and unique features to climb on, and a "half time show" to help get us through the wait between finals and results/awards. Note that our slackline posts will be down for this event (yes, they are removable!), in order to allow more room for the large crowd to move around, and to provide a large seating area for finals.

We will launch True North Climbing with a great comp, and then open for "normal" business on Sunday, March 28th. Our hours (which I will post on the web site once we are open) will initially be 10am-10pm on weekends and 2pm-10pm on weekdays.

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  1. I'm really excited about this! Given your location I don't think I'll be able to be a regular, but any new climbing facility in the GTA is cause for celebration. I truly hope you guys are successful. I'm looking forward to participating in the comp and seeing the place firsthand. That stalactite looks amazing. I also appreciate the 'other gym member discount' and the free lead test.